Rubbish Bins

Rubbish bins are open Saturday & Sunday 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. with the exception of holidays. 


  • Must display valid driver’s license proving residency
  • Items in boxes or bags must be emptied into bin to ensure compliance
  • Acceptable rubbish includes: Furniture, non-Freon appliances, hot water tanks, bicycles, toys, sporting equipment, lawnmowers and tools
  • Prohibited materials: Food waste, building/landscaping material, mattresses, boxsprings, carpet, Freon appliances (unless appliance bears a sticker that Freon has been removed), paint, toxic chemicals, tires, all electronics (televisions, computers, laptops, monitors, etc.), cardboard, wood or wood pallets
  • Cardboard must be placed in the cardboard recycling bin
  • Metal must be placed in the metal recycling bin
  • Glass must be placed in the glass recycling bin. Clear and colored glass bottles and jars only (any other items placed in this bin will contaminate the glass and therefore deem it not recyclable).
  • Items left may be reused or recycled
  • The Borough’s garbage contract allows for the collection of large items 45 lbs. or less at the garage door (i.e., chair, table, small microwave, sweeper, etc.) and two bags of grass per week
  • No scavenging of materials permitted
  • Violators of the above rules will have bin privileges revoked.