Brush Collection

The schedule for brush collection can be found in the winter newsletter.

Rules & Regulations
All brush must be placed at the roadside. No tree limbs larger than five inches in diameter or eight feet in length will be collected. Hedges, vines, rose bushes, shrubs, multi-flora hedges, etc. must be securely tied in bundles not exceeding 16 inches in diameter. Loose hedges, vines, bushes, etc. will not be collected. No leaves, grass clippings or other debris will be collected as part of the brush program. The volume of material that will be collected by Borough personnel is limited to a single pile per property, not to exceed four feet in width by six feet in height by eight feet in length.

Leaf Collection

The schedule for leaf collection can be found in the fall newsletter.

Rules & Regulations
All leaves must be at your curb, not on the street, on your collection day/week. Once a complete pass has been made through the Borough, the crews will start over on the first street and continue again throughout the Borough. As long as the weather and residents cooperate, we should be able to keep the interval between collections down to 7-10 days. All leaves should be deposited on the lawn BEHIND the curb or road edge, not on the pavement or in the gutter. This is important because leaves placed in the street can become soggy from street runoff which makes them extremely difficult to vacuum. It also creates a safety problem by reducing the cartway available to motorists. (Ordinance No. 535 prescribes a penalty of $1,000 for anyone placing such materials on a road.) If your leaves are placed within 4-6 feet of the curb, our PWD employees will be able to collect them without difficulty, and if we maintain our projected collection schedule, the leaves should not damage your grass.  Due to the need to convert our trucks from collecting leaves to plowing snow and spreading salt, any leaves placed after the cutoff date will not be picked up. Please make certain to notify your landscapers of the cutoff date.