Zoning Hearing Board

An appeal must be made to the Zoning Hearing Board for any proposed construction that would exceed the height limitations or encroach into the building setback requirements as per the Zoning Classifications, for proposed non-conforming uses, etc. Please check with the Zoning Officer early in the planning process to determine the zoning regulations.

The Zoning Hearing Board meets monthly on the Wednesday following the third Monday of each month. The required application and fee must be submitted to the Zoning Officer four (4) weeks prior to the scheduled meeting. Five (5) copies of the application and and five (5) copies of the plan showing the location and size of the lot, size of improvements now erected or proposed to be erected, or other change(s) desired, together with any other information required by the Zoning Hearing Board, must be submitted for review. The property must be marked with ribbon (staked) to indicate the size and location of the proposed structure and must remain staked until the hearing. The Zoning Hearing Board will be visiting the property prior to the hearing.

The Borough’s Zoning Ordinance may be viewed in its entirety at the Borough Office during normal office hours or purchased for a fee.

Board Members

Name Title
Kyra Tucker Board Member
Donald F. Smith, Jr. Board Member
Jeremy Sphar Board Member