Permit Information

Permits are required for most types of construction, site improvements and grading activities in Fox Chapel. A Notice of Proposed Environmental Disturbance Application including a Stormwater Management Report in compliance with Ordinance No. 707 must be submitted for review by the Environmental Advisory Council (EAC) and approved by Borough Council prior to making application for most construction and grading permits. After approval has been granted by the EAC and Borough Council, the application for a building permit must be accompanied by two copies of a plot plan and two copies of the construction plans for residential projects and three sets of construction plans for commercial projects. All plan sets must bear the seal of the professional responsible for the design. Requirements for your specific project may be obtained by contacting Dan Moretti, Zoning Administrator.

The permit applications and regulations were prepared to help homeowners, contractors and design professionals meet the requirements of the Borough’s Building Code and Zoning Ordinance. Permits are required for most types of construction and earth moving activities. Some of the specific activities which require a permit include: new structures, additions, structural alterations or repairs, demolitions, fences, decks, sheds, swimming pools, sports courts and grading activities. Please contact the Code Official prior to undertaking any of these activities or any similar activity to obtain the requirements for your specific project. This information will help you to successfully complete the permit application and better understand the inspection process.