Municipal & Institutional Recycling


Persons must separate high-grade office paper, aluminum, corrugated paper, leaf waste and such other materials as designated by the Borough generated at all municipal and institutional establishments and from community activities and store the recycle materials until collection.

Each municipal and institutional establishment shall submit, at a minimum, an annual recycling report to the governing body of the Borough. The report shall document the type and weight of materials recycled during the previous calendar year. This requirement may be fulfilled by submission of a letter or form from the collection which certifies that recyclable materials are being collected from the establishment as long as the collector reports aggregate amounts of each recyclable material collected from the establishment.

All employees, users and patrons of municipal and institutional establishments must be informed of the recycling program by said municipal and commercial establishments. The education program should describe the program’s features and requirements and should include, at a minimum, an annual meeting with employees to review the recycling program and an orientation to the program upon the arrival of any new employee. Receptacles must be clearly marked with the recycling symbol and the type of recyclable materials that are to be placed in the receptacle clearly indicated. Signs must also be prominently displayed stating the requirements of the program.