Rutting Season Is Here

Rutting season is here. A reminder to all Borough residents to be extra vigilant!

Each year, an average of 20 vehicle-deer collisions occur in our Borough. They occur throughout the Borough, and especially along Fox Chapel Road. These collisions are dangerous and can be very costly. The fall and winter months are peak seasons for collisions in the Borough since bucks are on the rut and moving in higher numbers.

Please be extra careful when driving during this time, and consider the following simple yet effective precautions to prevent collisions:

  • Ensure you observe the Borough speed limits: the lower your speed, the lower your risk of hitting an animal. The Fox Chapel Police Department will deploy speed signs in collision hotspots – be on the lookout!
  • Be mindful of the time of day: use extra caution at dusk and dawn. If you drive during the night, use your high beams, as appropriate, and look out for eye-shine reflections by the roadside.
  • If you see one deer, it’s likely that more will follow since deer often travel in groups.
  • If you see a deer approaching, do not swerve to avoid it. Stick to your lane, break, and blow your horn. This will confuse the animal. Swerving may cause collisions with other cars or roadside objects.

If you hit a deer, only attempt to move it from the road if you are certain you can do so safely. Remember to switch on your hazards to alert other drivers and alert the Borough police by calling 911.

To see information on deer/vehicle collisions in the Borough of Fox Chapel, please click here.